Tuesday, 4 September 2012

On an even keel...

Well hello there Blogosphere;

It seems like aeons ago I last wrote some senseless, mindless drivel, er, I mean blogged so I thought it was high time I got my arse into gear and put pen to paper - so to speak.

I have been feeling a lot better lately - you didn't ask but I am telling you anyway. My job is going well, nice people and no stress. No stupid targets, no unreasonable MD's calling every 5 minutes, no '10 visits a week to 10 non existent clients' and no unwashed tramps stinking of beer entering my consciousness. I have genuinely been calm, relaxed, happy and (relatively) anxiety free..Hurrah..... Until this morning - boo...

I was walking down the street to work when I became VERY dizzy and had to steady myself against the wall. No dear reader, I can't deny I like a drink but it's a bit too early even for me. I do get BPPV, which is where you get dizziness when you move your head into certain positions - but nothing like this. It didn't last long so I walked on and arrived at work. I told my boss and colleagues and they seemed genuinely concerned. When I looked in the mirror I can see why - my mascara had run and my hair was unkempt.. Hmm. Boss said to take it easy and go home - so I did.

I'm going to the docs on Friday and am sure it's probably an ear imbalance but of course in the back of my head I've got all sorts of illnesses and diseases it *could be*. I will not google I promise... *Googles*
*Only joking*

Thanks for listening if you did.